Nova Scotia

H.M.C.S. Sackville - World War II Corvette in Halifax Harbour

Restored as a War Memorial

Historical Restoration of the C18th French Fortress of Louisbourg

Near Blomidon, the home of Glooscap, this lookoff presents an
excellent view of the Minas Basin and the surrounding farmlands.
This is the land of Evangeline from which Acadians were deported.

Cape Islander Fishing Boat in Barrington

Some excellent reading from and about Nova Scotia is available from Click on the title for information on ordering a specific work or click on the logo to do your own search:

Barometer Rising by Hugh MacLennan.

This novel is set in Halifax at the time of the great explosion of 1917.

Each Man's Son by Hugh MacLennan.

Set in a Cape Breton Mining community, this novel tells the story of Alan MacNeil whose father is a broken-down prize fighter who is forced to return to Cape Breton and face the failures in his life.

No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod.

Persistent attachments to the clan and ancestral roots in Cape Breton are central to this award winning novel .

Footsteps on Old Floors by Thomas H. Raddall.

Few of Raddall's excellent novels based on Nova Scotia's history and society are currently in print, however these "True Tales of Mystery on Land and Sea" are still available.

Abuse of Power: The Acadians and Abuse of Power: The Colonials and Acadians by Bill Smallwood.

Smallwood's historical novels are set in the first few decades of Halifax's existence and they cover the expulsion of the Acadians and the capture of Louisbourg with a detour up the St. Lawrence to cover the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. They provide an interesting perspective on the conflict between the English and the French and the class conflicts in colonial society.

Stories from the Six Worlds by Ruth Holmes Whitehead.

This is an excellent collection of Mi kmaq Legends.

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