Hopewell Rocks Resulted from Erosion Caused

by the High Tides on the Bay of Fundy

The Longest Covered Bridge in the World (1282 feet)

Crosses the Saint John River at Hartland.

The New Bruswick legislature building in the provincial capital, Fredericton

Some excellent reading from and about New Brunswick is available from Click on the title for information on ordering a specific work or click on the logo to do your own search:

For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down by David Adams Richards.

Mercy Among the Children: A Novel by David Adams Richards.

Nights Below Station Street by David Adams Richards.

Richards novels, set in New Brunswick's Miramichi Valley, offer a sympathetic view of individuals struggling to survive in an often hostile modern world .

Stones and Switches by Lorne Simon.

This novel, completed shortly before the death of its young author, explores traditional aboriginal spirituality in the context of contemporary conflicts with the dominant society. It also discusses the role of the artist in such a context.

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