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Enjoy looking at the stamps and other objects of philatelic interest on these pages. As items are added to the collection they will be indexed on this page by country of origin.

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Abu Dhabi - Expo '70 Commemorative
Aden - Definitives of the Crown Colony and Protectorates
Afghanistan - Official Stamp Design of 1909 with Coat of Arms
Aitutaki - U.P.U. Centenary Issue of 1974
Aland Islands - Last Day of Finnish Postal Administration Cover
Albania - Mirdicie Insurgency Fantasy Issue
Allenstein - Germania Definitive Post Card Overprinted
Algeria - Emergency Field Message (E.F.M. overprint)
Amoy - Local Post Issue of 1895
Andorra - Cinderella Issue of the C19th
Angola - S. Silvestre 1976 Overprint on 1962 Sports Issue
Annam and Tonkin - Handstamped Surcharge of 1888
Antigua - Falling Rock Variety of Centenary of Redonda Phosphate Industry Issue
Argentina - Official Government Department Stamps
Armenia - Handstamped Overprints on Russian Definitives
Aruba - First Aruba Definitive Issue
Ascension - Sea Birds Definitives of 1963
Australia - Official Perfins
Australian Antarctic Territory - Antarctica Expedition of 1954 Cinderellas
Australian Antarctic Territory - Penguins
Austria - Polish Legion Charity Labels of 1916
Azerbaijan - Tete beche Pair of Definitive of 1922
Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan Cinderella Issue circa 1921-1922
Bahamas - 1941 Air Post Letter from Nassau, Bahamas to Kitchener, Canada
Bahamas - Undersea Post Office on 1965 Definitive
Bahrain - 1976-1980 Definitives
Bangladesh - Handstamped Provisional Overprints of 1972
Barbados - Sea Horse Definitives of 1965 - 1969
Barbuda - First Definitive Issues
Batum - British Occupation Issues of 1919
Bavaria - Railway Parcel Post and Official Issues
Belgium - Queen Astrid Memorial Issue
Belgium - Saribo Album Advertising Label
Belize - 200th Anniversary of Manned Flight
Biafra - Nigerian Wildlife Definitives Overprinted "Sovereign Biafra"
Bohemia and Moravia - Theresienstadt Parcel Admission Label
Bolivia - Triangular "Multa" Postage Due Stamp of 1938
Botswana - Mafeking to Gubulawayo Runner Post Souvenir Sheet
Brazil - First Condor Airmail Service from Brazil to Bolivia - 1930
British Antarctic Territory - Cover from the H.M.S. Protector Postmarked "Hope Bay, Grahamland"
British Central Africa - B.C.A. Overprint of 1891-1895
British East Africa - Light and Liberty Definitive
British Virgin Islands - St. Ursula Definitive of 1867
Brunswick - Postal Money Order with Definitive Design of 1865
Brunei - Star and Local Scene Issue of 1895
Bulgaria - 25th Anniversary of the Insurrection of Independence Commemoratives
Burma - George V Prestamped Envelope of India Postmarked "Rangoon"
Burundi - Burundi's "Beermats"
Cambodia - Final R.P. du Kampuchea Issue
Cameroun - First Anniversary of the United Republic of Cameroun
Canada - Three Penny Beaver - Canada's First Postage Stamp
Canada - Dick Merrill Flight Souvenirs Sold by Henry Morgan and Company
Canada - Montreal - Vancouver First Flight Cover
Canada - "V for Victory" Slogan Cancellation and Patriotic Cover
Canada - Toronto - New York First Jetliner Airmail Flight Cover
Canada - Postally Used Fake Saint Lawrence Seaway Invert
Canada - Shag Harbour UFO Sighting Commemorative Cancellation
Cape Juby - Overprints on Spanish Morocco Commerce Defintives of 1948
Canal Zone - "Panama Canal Map Shortens Sea Routes" Slogan Cancellation
Cape Verde - Pombal Postal Tax and Postal Tax Due Stamps of 1925
Castellorizo (Megisiti) - Overprinted "Murder of Francesco Ferrucci" Commemorative
Cayes of Belize - 90th Anniversary of the First Stamp for Cayes of Belize (F.D.C.)
Central African Republic - Central African Republic Overprinted on Issues of the C. A. Empire
Central Lithuania - Pictorial Issues of 1921
Ceylon - CAVE Overprint
Ceylon - War Purposes Contribution Label
Chefoo - Chefoo (Yantai)Local Post Issue
Chile - Islas Juan Fernandez Overprints of 1910
Chile - Easter Island First Flight Cover
Chile - METEI Seal on Postcard with Easter Island Postmark
China - Surcharge on Unissued Stamp of East China
China - Anti-aircraft Battery Military Stamp of 1945
China - Norman Bethune Commemorative
Chinkiang - Local Post Issue of 1894
Cilicia - French Military Occupation Overprint of 1920
Cocos (Keeling) Islands - 75th Anniversary of Barrel Mail Service on Deception Island
Colombia - First Voyage Cover for the S.S. Santa Paula
Comoro Islands - FIDES Common Design Type Commemorative
Congo Free State - Postal Card with Definitive Design of 1889
Congo (Katanga) - Katanga Definitive Overprinted "Congo"
Cook Islands - United Kingdom Special Mail Service
Costa Rica - Cierre Oficial Label of 1934
Crete - Heraklion Straight-Line Cancellation
Cuba - Perforation Error on Cosmonauts' Day Issue of 1978
Czechoslovakia - Government-in-Exile Souvenir Sheet of 1943
Czechoslovakia - Promotional Seal for the 1948 All-Sokol Gymnastics Festival
Czechoslovakia - Portraits of Famous Czechoslovakians FDC
Dahomey - Other French West African Issues Used in Dahomey
Danish West Indies - Definitive Designs 1874-1915
Danzig - Error in Cliché on 1923 Air Post Surcharged Issue
Danzig - Danzig Philatelic Exhibition 1937 Souvenir Sheets
Denmark - Hans Christian Andersen Issues
Denmark - Commemorative Cancellation Honouring Czeslaw Slania
Dominica - Mural of the Postal History of Dominica
Dominican Republic - Melbourne Olympic Miniature Sheets Surcharged for Relief of Hungarian Refugees
East Africa and Uganda Protectorates - Edward VII Definitive with "Marseille a la Reunion" Cancellation
Eastern Rumelia - Crescent Definitive of 1884
Ecuador - Postal Tax Stamps of 1936
Egypt - Pictorial Definitives of 1914
Estonia - German Occupation Overprint "Pernau"
Ethiopia - V Overprint on Unissued Red Cross Semi-Postal
Falkland Islands - Varieties of the Falkland Island Thrush Definitive
Far Eastern Republic - Blagoveshchensk Issue of 1921 with Remainder Cancellation
Faroe Islands - Stamp with Cod Skin in Design
Fernando Po - Stamp Day Issue of 1960 Depicting Whales
Fezzan-Ghadamès - Low Value from French Occupation Issue of 1946
Fiji - Official Facsimiles of High Value Queen Victoria Definitives (1900)
Finland - Russian Definitive of 1909 with Straight Line Cancellation
Foochow (Fuzhou) - Local Post Issues of 1895-1896
France - Réseau d'État (State [Rail] Network Stamps of 1901
France - Chateau de Malmaison Cinderellas of 1944
France - First Day Cancellation on Palais de Chaillot Commemorative
France - Jacques Cartier Commemoratives of 1934 and 1984
French Colonies - Patriotic Semi-Postals
French Equatorial Africa - 24-10-40 Overprint Commemorating Arrival of General de Gaulle
French Guiana - First Air Post Issue of 1933
French Guinea - Fulah Shepherd Definitive of 1902
French India - Free French Lotus Flower Issue
French Polynesia - First "French Polynesia" Issue
French Post Offices in China - Gutter Pair of Surcharged Definitive of 1911-1921
French Southern and Antarctic Territories - Shades of Bird Definitives of 1956 and 1959
Fujeira - Pictorial Definitives of 1964
Funchal - Carte Postale / Bilhete Postal
Gabon - Riches of the Forest Commemorative Booklet of 1967
Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) - 125th Anniversary of Annexation to Ecuador
Georgia - Queen Thamar issue of 1920
German Democratic Republic - Robert Schumann Death Centenary Error in Musical Score
German Democratic Republic - Sonderflugverkehr (special air traffic) Cover
Germany - Finsterwalde Local Semi-Postal Issue
Germany - Propaganda Labels Mourning Lost Colonies
Germany - Compulsory Labels for Relief of Berlin
Germany - Unissued Provisional for Saulgau, Wurttemberg
Germany - Nachtluftpostnetz Slogan Cancellation of 1961
Gold Coast - First Scheduled Air Mail Service Between Gold Coast and Nigeria
Great Britain - Penny Black - The First Postage Stamp
Great Britain - Raemaekers Zeppelin Triumph Propaganda Label
Great Britain - London International Stamp Exhibition (1950) Souvenir Sheet
Great Britain - Poached Egg Test Labels
Great Britain - Varieties of the King of the Orient Christmas Stamp
Greece - George I Essay
Greece - Roosevelt Mourning Issue with Perforation Error
Greenland - Polar Ship Gustav Holm Definitive of 1950 Postmarked St. John's, Newfoundland
Greenland - FFC's for First Scheduled Commercial Polar Flight
Grenada - Definitive Views of St. George's from 1938 to 2010
Guadeloupe - Éboué Common Design Type of 1945
Guam - Guam Guard Mail Cinderella Issue of 1976
Guatemala - Quetzal Definitive Issue of 1881
Guinea-Bissau - American Bicentennial Issues of 1976-1977
Guyana - Revenue Issue of 1976 Overprinted "ESSEQUIBO IS OURS"
Hawaii - First Postage Stamp to Feature a Butterfly
Heligoland - Cut Square with 1875 Definitive Design
Honduras - Central America Air Line Air Express Issue
Hong Kong - Multicoloured Photogravure High Value Definitives of 1962
Hungary - U.P.U. Centenary Commemoratives with First Day Cancellations
Iceland - Tollur Revenue Cancellation
Iceland - Stamp Day Issues of 1989-1991
Ifni - Low Value Definitives of 1943
India - Holiday Greetings Seals 1941-1950
India - Azad Hind Issue
India - International Control Commission Vietnam Overprint
India - Guru Gobind Singh Commemorative Booklet
Indochina - One Pillar Pagoda on Postage Due Issue of 1927
Indonesia - Sumatra Local Issue
Indonesia - South Moluccas Cinderellas
Ionian Islands - Italian Occupation General Issue of 1941
Iran - Aerogramme Overprinted "Islamic Revolution"
Israel - Jewish New Year 5709 Issue
Italian Colonies - Duke of the Abruzzi Air Post Commemorative
Italy - B.L.P. (Bustere Lettere Postali) Charity Overprint of 1923
Italy - Polish Expeditionary Force in Exile Issue
Italy - Local Issue for the C.L.N. Administration of Aosta
Jamaica - Wing Margin on 1/- Definitive of 1873
Jamaica - Union Jack Design Error of 1919
Japan - Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition Covers
Japan - Japan Horyu Temple Pagoda Issues and Forgery
Jordan - Anti-Locust Campaign Semi-Postal
Jordan - Postal Tax Stamps of 1951 in New Currency
Katanga - International Fair Issue with First Day Cancellation in Souvenir Booklet
Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika - Mount Kenya Definitive of 1935 Variety
Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika - Air Letter with 1954 Giraffe Definitive Design
Kewkiang - Local Post Issues of 1894
Korea - Korea's First Postage Stamps
Korea - Admiral Yi Sun-shin and Turtle Ships
Laos - Pathet Lao Issue of 1961 with Soldiers on the Plain of Jars
Latakia - Overprinted Syrian Definitives of 1931-1933
Latvia - 1918 Definitives Printed on Military Maps
Liberia - Waterloo and Sons Specimens of High Values of Issue of 1892
Liberia - Inland Postage 3 Cent Definitive of 1897
Liberia - Pictorial Definitives of 1921
Liechtenstein - "Dear Doctor" Postcard Depicting Vaduz Castle
Lihou - "Torrey Canyon Disaster" Overprint on Local Post Charity Label
Lithuania - Occupation Issues
Luxembourg - Maximum Cards for JUVAPEX '88 Issue
Macau - Centenary of the First Portuguese Postage Stamp
Macedonia - 50th Anniversary of EUROPA Stamps Commemoratives
Madagascar - Cover Carried by Airmail from Tananarive to Diego Suarez in 1936
Malaysia - Mr. Asia 1973 Slogan Cancellation
Marienwerder - Plebiscite Issues of 1920
Mauritania - General Louis Faidherbe on First Definitive Issue
Mauritius - Remaindered Issue Overprinted "Cancelled"
Memel - Lithuanian Occupation Issue of March 1923
Mexico - Forgery of 1872 Profile of Hidalgo Issue
Moldova - First Issue
Monaco - Colour Proofs of the 1968 Mexico City Olympics Commemorative Issue
Monaco - 275th Anniversary of the Publication of Robinson Crusoe
Mongolia - Souvenir Sheet Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the First Mongolian Postage Stamp
Montenegro - Prince Nicholas I Pre-stamped Post Card
Montenegro - Cinderella Issue of 1921
Montenegro - Peter Petrovich Nyegosh and the National Poem
Montserrat - Antigua Definitive Overprinted for Use in Montserrat in 1884
Morocco - Medieval Scholars of the Maghreb
Mozambique - Mozambique Map Definitive of 1954
Mozambique Company - Triangular Blantyre-Beira-Salisbury Air Route Inauguration Issue
Mustique Island - Overprint on Selvedge of Saint Vincent Bird Definitive
Natal - Chalon Head Definitive of 1864
Nepal - Provisional Definitive of 1917-1918
Netherlands Antilles - 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union
Netherlands Indies - 1908 Definitives Overprinted "BUITEN BEZIT." and "JAVA."
Nevis - Magnificent Frigate Bird Commemorative
New Britain - "G.R.I." Overprint on Definitives of German New Guinea
New Hebrides - Australasian New Hebrides Company Local Post Issue
Newfoundland - Corrected Map Issue of 1929-1931
New South Wales - Specimen and Reprint Stamps 1855-1892
New Zealand - Advertising on Queen Victoria Definitive of 1882
New Zealand - 1948 Golden Jubilee Great Barrier Island Pigeongram Cover
New Zealand - Round Kiwi Definitive of 1988
New Zealand - Promotional Stamp for Resene Paints and Auckland Cow Parade
Nicaragua - Liberty Cap on Mountain Peak
Nicaragua - Facsimile Signature Overprint Control Device
Niger - Presentation Booklet with Issues from 2001 - 2003
North Borneo - Spelling Error on George VI Pictorial Definitive
North Ingermanland - "Burning Church" Pictorial Definitive of 1920
Northern Rhodesia - First Definitive Issue of 1925
Norway - Viking Star Paquebot Cancellation on 1974 Theodor Kjerulf Commemorative
Norway - Frama Stamps
Obock - Somali Warriors Definitive of 1894
Occussi-Ambeno - Ships Phantom Issue of 1977
Oltre Giuba (Jubaland) - Map Issue of 1926
Pakhoi - French Post Abroad Issue of 1908
Pakistan - Centenary of the First Asian Postage Stamp
Palestinian Authority - First Definitive Issue
Panama - Panama-Pacific Exhibition Commemorative Depicting the Panama Canal
Paraguay - 1935 Map of the Gran Chaco Issues
Peru - Plebiscite Postal Tax Stamp of 1926
Philippines - Aguinaldo Newspaper Stamp of 1898-1899
Philippines - Unissued Kennedy Commemoratives of 1968
Pitcairn Island - Additional Definitive Values of 1981
Poland - Surcharged Warsaw Local Issue of 1915
Poland - Post-War Postal Charity Labels
Ponta Delgada - Post Card with King Carlos Definitive Design
Portugal - Red Cross Franchise Stamps
Portuguese Colonies - War Tax Stamp of 1919
Puerto Rico - Spanish and American Issues
Puerto Rico - 400th Anniversary of Colombus' Landing in Puerto Rico
Ras al Khaima - "Apollo 8 - Xmas Trip Around the Moon 25-12-68" Overprint
Redonda - Antiqua Definitives of 1976-1978 Overprinted
Rhodesia - British South Africa Company Issues
Rhodesia - Vulnerable Species First Day Cover
Rhodesia - Vulnerable Species First Day Cover
Rio Muni - Stamp Day Issue of 1961
Romania - Nadia Com?neci Maximum Card Using 1976 Commemorative
Rouad - Horizontal Overprints on Definitives for French Post Offices in the Levant
Russia - Russian Company of Navigation and Trade Private Overprint
Russia - Russian Currency Stamps of 1915-1917
Russia - Birobidzhan Cinderella Overprint - Telaphila '93
Ryukyu Islands - Pre-stamped Post Card
Saar - Heute Volksabstimmung im Saargebiet Slogan Cancellation
Saint Kitts - Bicentenary of the Siege of Brimstone Fort
Saint Kitts-Nevis - Columbus with Telescope Definitive
Saint Lucia - White Flaw at Foot of "L" Variety of QEII Definitive
Sainte-Marie de Madagascar - Navigation and Commerce Definitive of 1894
Saint Pierre and Miquelon - Fisherman Definitive Design of 1909-1930
Saint Vincent - Retouch (1967) on 1965 Bequia Boat Building Definitive
Saint Vincent (Grenadines) - Sir Rowland Hill / London Expo '80 Commemorative Booklet
El Salvador - Republic of Central America Issue of 1897
Samoa - 25th Anniversary of New Zealand's Administration of Western Samoa
San Marino - Overprints for the Downfall of Fascism and the Provisional Government of 1943
Saudi Arabia - 1984 Olympic Football Commemoratives
Schleswig - 1920 Plebiscite Issues
Sedang - Cinderella Issue of 1889
Senegal - Mosque of Diourbel
Serbian Krajina - Serbian Culture and Tradition Issue of 1994
Shanghai - Shanghi Perforated Bisect of 1893
Sierra Leone - Revenue Issue of 1886/1887
Singapore - Commemorative Cancellation for Singapore's Bicentennial
Sint Maarten - Various Scenes from Sint Maarten
Slovakia - "SLOVENSKY STAT" Overprint on Andrej Hlinka Definitive
Slovakia - "TAXE PERQUE" Handstamp
Somali Coast - Inverted Vignette on Definitive of 1902
Somaliland Protectorate - Martial Eagle on Queen Elizabeth II Definitive
South Africa - Bantam War Effort Definitives 1942-1944
Southern Yemen - Aden Harbour on 1968 Independence Day Issue
South Africa - Flaws in the Definitive Issue of 1963 - 1967
South Africa - African Penguin Definitives of 1993 and 1998
South African National Antarctic Expedition - Marion Island Postmark on I.G.Y. Expedition Cover
South Australia - P. Overprint for Official Police Use
South Kasai - Leopard's Head and "V" for Victory
Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Christmas Issue of 1972
Spain - Auxilio de Invierno Charity Label
Spain - Correo Submarino Issue of 1938
Spanish Morocco - Postal Museum Air Post Issue
Spanish Sahara - Messenger on Motorcycle Special Delivery Stamp
Sudan - Early Definitives
Sudetenland - Cover with Skrochowitz Postablage (Rural Postal Station) Cancellation
Swaziland - 1889 Overprint on Transvaal Issue
Switzerland - Tête Bêche Pairs of 1968 Definitives
Tannu Touva (Tuva) - Wheel of Enlightenment Definitive of 1926
Tannu Touva (Tuva) - Mountain Goat on 1927 Definitive
Tanzania - Bird Definitives of 1990-1991
Thessaly - Octagonal Issue for the Turkish Army
Thule - Private Issue in Honour of Dr. Knud Rasmussen (1879-1933)
Timor-Leste (East Timor) - Independence Issue of 2002
Togo - Vichy Air Post Semi-Postal Issues
Tokelau Islands - Inscription Corner Blocks of the First Stamp Issue of 1948
Tonga - Tin Can Mail Covers - 1937/1939
Trinidad - 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of Columbus' Discovery of Trinidad
Tripolitania - Airmail Issue of 1931-1932
Tristan da Cunha - Potato Stamp Propaganda Label
Tristan da Cunha - St.Helena Definitives Overprinted for Resettlement in 1963
Tunisia - "Medenine Ghorfas a 4 Etages" Definitive of 1954
Turkey - Liannos Local Post Issue
Turkey - First Airmail Issue - 1934
Turkestan (Turkistan) - Cinderella Issue circa 1921-1924
Turkmenistan - First Issues - 1992
Turks and Caicos - Turk's Cap Cactus Definitives
Tuvalu - Definitives of Gilbert and Ellice Islands Overprinted "TUVALU"
Uganda - Inland Revenue Overprint Changeling
Ukrainian Delegation to the Vatican - Charity Label for Relief of Internees
Umm al Qiwain - Sheik Ahmed bin Rashid al Mulla Pictorial Definitive
United States - First Postal Card Design and 100th Anniversary Commemorative Card
United States - Hussey's Special Message Express
United States - Army Frank Cinderella Issue of 1898
United States - Morse Code Message on 1911 Post Card
United States - U.S.S. Akron Airmail Label by A.C. Roessler
Upper Silesia - Inverted C.G.H.S. Overprint on German Official Issue of 1920-1921
Upper Volta - First Air Post Issue of 1961
Upper Yafa - International Human Rights Year and 5th Anniversary of the Death of John F. Kennedy
Uruguay - Forgeries of the Cruiser 25 de Agosto Issue of 1908
Venezuela - Steamship Banrigh on Counterfeit Local Stamp for the State of Guayana
Venezuela - Ship Cancellation for the S.S. Stuyvesant
Vietnam - Emperor Quang Trung F.D.C.
Vilnius - German Occupation Issue with "VILNIUS" Overprint
Wake Island - Wake Island Cancellation on Pre-Stamped Statue of Liberty Postcard
Western Sahara - Designs from 1992 Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Flora and Fauna Issue
Western Ukraine - Unissued Definitive
Yugoslavia - Carinthia Plebiscite Semi-Postal of 1920
Yemen - Unissued Commemoratives Marking Yemen's Admission to the United Nations
Yemen - Unissued Universal Postal Union Issue
Zaire - Surcharges on Unissued "REP. DEM. DU CONGO" Overprints
Zanzibar - Indian 4 Anna Definitive Postmarked Zanzibar
Zululand - Three Types of Definitives

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