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Grenadines of Saint Vincent - Mustique
Mustique Island Overprint on Selvedge of Saint Vincent
Bird Definitive depicting the Saint Vincent Parrot.

Mustique Island Overprint
Mustique Island Overprint

There were 16 values in the Saint Vincent Birds definitive set issued on January 12, 1970. The overprint on the selvedge (sheet or pane margins of perforated stamps) is known to exist on the lowest 16 values in the set. This is probably a private overprint. In 1974 this same definitive design was used for officially issued stamps of the "Grenadines of Grenada" which include Mustique. indicates that Mustique became a "stamp issuing entity" in 1976. According to Rossiter and Flower, stamps issued in 1984 for Bequia and Union Islands were not justified by the volume of mail from the islands (157). The colourful stamps from these small islands seem to be primarily intended for the philatelic market.

Mustique Island Map
Mustique Island is located in the Caribbean Sea south of Saint Vincent.


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