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Palestinian Authority
First Definitive Issue of the Palestinian Authority

F.D.C. of Lower Values in Definitive Set
Stamps issued by the Palestinian Authority on August 15, 1994.

In an article published in The Jerusalem Post on March 28, 1997, David Newman explains the status of the postal service sponsored by the Palestinian Authority. He writes, "A Palestinian acquaintance has sent me the two new Palestinian stamps which have been issued by the Palestinian Authority. My son will be delighted. He will have two stamps which none of his friends have in their collections. The stamps are interesting. One bears the image of Chairman Arafat; the other has as its background a picture of Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem. But the stamps are, at the moment, only recognized by the Palestinian Authority. You can send a letter from Gaza to Ramallah, or from Hebron to Jenin - but that's as far as it goes. Sending a letter from the West Bank to Israel, or to any other point on the globe, has become more, rather than less, complicated. In the past, residents of the territories relied on the Israeli postal service, and used Israeli stamps. Today, the Israeli postal authorities no longer operate within the autonomy areas. Palestinians wishing to send letters abroad have to find a way of bringing their letters into Israel and having them sent on from here."

High Value with First Day of Issue Cancellation
This is the high value in the first set of definitive stamps issued by the Palestinian Authority.

In 2010, This Week in Palestine reported that recently, Palestine had been admitted to the Universal Postal Union and received "an international postal code which permits the direct exchange of mailing according to international standards through the international exchange office in Ramallah."


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