Propaganda Labels Mourning Lost Colonies

Propaganda Label for German New Guinea
This seal (circa 1921) mourns the loss of the colony of German New Guinea.

In 1921, Dr. Heinrich Schnee (the former governor of German East Africa), founded the Reichkolonialbund, an organization dedicated to pursuing the recovery of the colonial empire that Germany had lost as a result of the Treaty of Versailles. As part of its campaign, the organization issued propanda labels for the following lost colonies: Marshall Islands, Samoa, Mariana Islands, Togo, Kiaochow, German New Guinea (pictured above), Caroline Islands, Cameroun, German Southwest Africa and German East Africa.

The design features the Royal Yacht Hohenzollern and the Imperial flag flying at half mast. The Hohenzollern had been the central feature in the design of German colonial postage stamps.

Kiaochow <I>Hohenzollern</I> Issue
German colonial stamp for Kiaochow
featuring the Royal Yacht Hohenzollern.


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