Heraklion Straight-Line Cancellation
on Issue for British Sphere

Map of Crete

Crete was a province of Turkey that, after decades of civil
war, was occupied by British, French, Italian and Russian forces
in 1898. Britain and Russia issued stamps for use in their
areas of influence.France and Italy overprinted stamps with the
name of the island. Britain administered the District of Heraklion
while the Russians administered the District of Rethymnon. An
autonomous Cretan government issued its own stamps in 1900.

Heraklion Bar Cancellation

The stamps shown above are from the issues of 1898 (which also
included a 10 para blue value) and 1899 (which also included a 10
para brown value). What appears to be an overprint on these
stamps is actually a straight line "Heraklion" (HPAKAEION) town
postmark. This is the most common postal cancellation on this issue.


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