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An Introduction to the Tour of Portugal Reference Stack

This program uses Allegiant Technologies' Supercard Player (TM) to present information about and images of Portugal including the following centres:

Douro River, Porto
Portugal's name is probably derived from the old Roman name for this city: Portus Cale. Porto (Oporto) is famous for port wine produced from the grapes of the vineyards along the Douro River (River of Gold). Two metal bridges built in 1877 and 1886 span the Douro. The first was designed by Eiffel. The latter, following a similar design, has two decks to serve the traffic of both the upper and lower sections of the city. In the foreground are port boats moored near the cellars.

Belem Tower, Lisbon
Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal's capital and largest city features many attractions. The Belem Tower (1515-1520), an elegant example of Manueline architecture, built on the Tagus River, is one.

Ossuary Chapel, Faro
The old city of Faro, the principal city of the Algarve region, is surrounded by a wall. One entrance is typically European and the other, reflecting Moorish influences, looks very North African. Another unusual sight is the Ossuary Chapel (completely faced with skulls and bones) adjacent to the Carmelite Church.

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