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Hahoe Mask Dance

Kakshi Tal (Bride Mask)

The mask dance begins with the entrance of drummers
followed by a bride dressed for her wedding day.

The Anatomically Correct Bull

A bull wanders into the amphitheatre where he encounters a butcher.

The Butcher

After a humorous confrontation, the butcher slaughters the bull
and offers its testicles for sale to enhance the purchaser's virility.

The Pagaesung Tal and Punye Tal

A wayward Buddhist Monk woes a Coquettish Young Woman of Easy Virtue.

The Old Widow

An old widow appears to lament her poverty and beg for alms from the audience.

Choraengi Tal and Imae Tal

The hasty scatterbrained Meddler and the Village Fool cannot help but get
involved in spreading the gossip about the monk and the young woman.

Sonbi Tal and Yangban Tal

The Classical Scholar and the Aristocrat become rivals for the attention
of the Young Woman and they come to regret their initial refusal to
listen to the Butcher who tries to sell them his wares!

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