Musical References to Hamlet

A musical version of Hamlet's speech to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Act II Scene ii Lines 295 - 310:

''What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! . . .''
from the Rock Muscial Hair.

Information on purchasing Hair by the original cast.

Elton John refers directly to Hamlet in his song "The King Must Die" from the album Elton John.

Information on purchasing Elton John.

A reference to Hamlet's letter to Ophelia as read by Polonius in Act II Scene ii Lines 115-117:

''Never Doubt I Love''
Music and Lyrics by Ted Dykstra
Performed by Melanie Doane

Information on purchasing Shakepearean Fish by Melanie Doane.

A reference to Hamlet's speech to Gertrude in Act III Scene iv Line 180:

''I must be cruel, only to be kind . . .''
Original Lyrics by Nick Lowe

Information on purchasing the sound track to 10 Things I Hate about You featuring Letters to Cleo.

The background image for this page is a stamp from the Soviet Union issued on February 28, 1966 depicting Hamlet and the Queen from a film version of the play.

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