Hamlet - Allusions


1. river in Hades in Greek mythology (I.v.33)

3. Greek sun god (III.ii.151)

5. Saint who proved the existence of purgatory to the doubting Irish (I.v.137)

6. boastful Queen of Thebes who wept when her fourteen children were killed (I.ii.149)

9. Roman emperor who was assassinated (I.i.114)

11. wife of Priam, the king of Troy (II.ii.497)

13. Roman emperor who was rumoured to have murdered his mother (III.ii.385)

14. god of marriage in Greek and Roman mythology (III.ii.155)

16. high mountain mentioned in Greek mythology (V.i.247)

18. Roman actor in the time of Julius Caesar (II.ii.388)

20. the Nemean . . . was a powerful beast that Hercules had to defeat (I.iv.83)

22. founder of Rome who made love to Dido then abandoned her (II.ii.443)

24. a small bird in a Biblical story whose fate is determined by God (V.ii.210-211)

26. character from the Old Testament who sacrificed his daughter to keep a vow (II.ii.400)

27. greatest emperor known in western antiquity (V.i.192)


2. Greek sun god sometimes also named Helios or Apollo (II.i.140)

3. king of Troy who was killed by Pyrrus (II.ii.444)

4. Roman god of the furnaces or blacksmith of the gods (III.ii.83)

7. one-eyed giant from ancient Greek mythology (II.ii.486)

8. Roman god of war (II.ii.487)

10. creature, noted for its lust and promiscuity , that was half-man, half-goat (I.ii.140)

12. hero of Greek and Roman mythology who was known for his great strength (I.ii.153)

14. goddess of witchcraft (III.ii.253)

15. Roman messenger of the gods (III.iv.60)

17. ... beast; tiger native to a region of ancient Persia (II.ii.447)

19. Carthaginian queen who was seduced by Aeneas who then left her (II.ii.443)

21. Roman god of the seas and oceans (III.ii.152)

23. the first man according to Genesis in the Bible (V.i.36)

25. famous for being the faithful friend of Pythias (III.ii.276)

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