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A creative solution to the transportation problems caused by the American trade
embargo with Cuba is the use of the camello, a passenger trailer pulled by
a diesel transport tractor, such as the one pictured below on a Havana street.

Camello on Havana Street

Juan Carlos Tabio's film The Waiting List (Lista de Espera) captures many of the frustrations
of life in Cuba under the embargo while also depicting the determination with which people
struggle to find not only transportation, but also the joy and pleasures that give meaning to life.
The movie received a well-deserved official selection for the Cannes 2000 Audience Award.

Sugar cane is a major Cuban export depicted on the three peso banknote.

Reporting on his visit to a Cuban sugar plantation and mill in 1989, James
Michener wrote "This was the heart of Cuba, for as sugar went, so went
the Cuban economy. He quoted a workman who told him, "If the Soviet
Union stopped buying our sugar at three cents above the world price, we'd
be in sore trouble" (Six Days in Havana, 89). Since that time, the Soviet Union
has ceased to exist and sugar prices have tumbled to the point where the return
is less than the cost of production. Fields go unplanted. The government has
diversified the economy, placing increasing emphasis on tourism since the 1990's.

Cuba is famous for its cigars.

This picture was taken in a cigar factory in Santiago de Cuba.

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