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Black Forest

Schwarzwald Valley Scene
Open Air Museum, Gutach
The "Vogstbauernhof" built in 1570 is typical of the
traditional farmhouses in this area of the Black Forest.

Hohengeroldseck (Geroldseck Castle)

The ancestral castle of the counts of Geroldseck was built early in the
1200's on a hill overlooking the old Roman road which provided a
route to the settlement of Lahr which was established by Count
Walter I in 1250. The castle was destroyed in 1689.

(from "Hohengeroldseck," Ernst Kaufmann)
The Hotel Lowen near Lahr.
The Hotel Lowen at the foot of the hill on which Geroldseck is located claims
the distinction of being "Germany's oldest Hostelry" dating back to 1231.

Gengenbach is a town in the Kinzig valley .

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